Unusual Places to Hang Picture Frames

Interior designers understand the importance of individuality. Expressing style and spirit is important when decorating a home.

Interior designs are embracing the latest, modern and eclectic trends, which include the following:

  • Shower Glass – To achieve the illusion that artwork is hanging from the shower glass, simply suspend it from the ceiling using an invisible cord. The back of the frame can be covered with mold-proof pattered paper for an eye-catching detail that will be sure to impress guests.
  • Hanging on the Door – Instead of drilling a hole in the door, consider using a wreath hook to hang a beautiful photograph or painting. This works perfectly with a round picture frame, which mimics the look of a wreath, but adds the surprise element of creativity.
  • Bookshelves – A new designer look includes hanging wood oval picture frames or round picture frames from bookshelves. This is easy to accomplish using sticky hooks. This trendy look is unexpected, uses bookshelves as decor and instantly dresses up any area with reading materials or knickknacks.
  • Windows – In close living areas, people would rather look at a beautiful wall hanging than inside their next-door neighbor’s kitchen. Consider dressing up window views with beautiful, scenic paintings of scenery, ocean views, famous monuments, etc.
  • Fireplaces – Hang artwork inside non-working fireplaces. This can be done from the outside, or interior designers can step it up a notch and place it in the box of the fireplace too.
  • Colors – Use a variety of colorful large oval frames to make a statement. These can be empty, which gives guests the ability to visualize their own works of art.
  • Frames within Frames – Interior designers recommend playing with symmetry and placing two oval picture frames of varying sizes within one another. This adds a pleasant focal point to any room.

Interior designers recommend three different types of groupings when hanging frames.

  1. Horizontal Grouping – This looks great above furniture and creates a balanced look. It simply involves placing three pictures in a horizontal row, equidistance from each other.
  2. Vertical Grouping – This is designed for narrow walls or between windows, as it helps the ceiling look higher.
  3. Creative Grouping – This includes grouping two frames vertically, in addition to adding another painting equidistance at a horizontal level.
21st Dec 2015

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