The Best Types of Photographs to Use in Circle Frames

Just like art, picture frames can come in all different shapes and sizes. You may have a certain aesthetic in mind for your gallery wall that includes either all rectangular frames, all circle frames, or all gold or silver oval frames. You may be looking to mix and match for a bohemian look.

No matter what you have in mind for your frames, it’s important to choose the right photo or piece of art to go within them. Rectangular frames give you more to work with, but a circle frame can be more difficult. See below for the best types of photographs or art to place within these round frames.

Landscapes. You may think that a landscape deserves the big picture of a rectangle frame, but the opposite can have a stunning effect. Circle frames act like a small window, where your landscape will be captured as if it’s part of your real world. This can be particularly nice on cloudy or rainy days, where a beautiful sunny spring sky can lift your spirits immediately.

Small works of art like stitchery. Cross stitching or needlepoint works look amazing in round frames because of the nature in which they are made. They are generally stitched within a round setting, so they are already set for this time of display. These crafts are no longer just for the older crowd, as you can get just about any pattern or picture these days from rock stars to popular kids characters.

Babies. Because they are round in nature at the beginning, they are perfect for a charming display of circle frames. Those chubby cheeks can be on display all their own, or you can include the entire body. Just be to sure to center your subject for the full effect. This idea is great for adding a few of the more candid shots from a newborn session around a large canvas of your favorite in the nursery.

Long distance objects. Objects shot from a distance are great for round frames because they are brought into focus by the smallness of your frame. To make it even more intriguing, place a photograph where the subject is the only part in focus, as if your frame is a window to a magical world.

Pets. Pets like small dogs are also great subjects for a round frame because of their small stature. A round picture frame is less formal, so it becomes more playful when adding a subject like your pet. Add to it by decorating your frame with some playful art such as dog bones or a monogram of your pet’s name.

Mirrors. One of the most obvious choices for round frames is mirrors. Mirrors are a good decor choice as they reflect light and really open a room. A sunburst frame is a great addition to a spring decorated room, or for a vacation home like a beach or lake house.

1st May 2018

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