The Most Unexpected Places to See Art

Art speaks to people’s hearts and minds, stirring emotions, and it is often the final addition for rooms. Interior designers share the most unique places to hang artwork, making homes that much more enjoyable.

  • Patios – For areas that have warm year-round weather, consider hanging paintings on patios. Interior designers recommend using round wood picture frames to help avoid artwork from soaking up any moisture. A bright painting can liven up any porch and instantly becomes the topic of conversation for guests. When hanging an oversize painting, center the frame on the wall.
  • Bathrooms – Often an overlooked area, bathrooms often benefit from a serene painting that promotes relaxation and serenity. Interior designers recommend placing these paintings in a round frame to avoid moisture or mold damage.
  • Kitchens – For kitchens that do not have windows, consider making a landscape. Have photographs screen-printed onto glass cabinet doors for instant scenery that is easy to clean. Other ideas include grouping mirrors, empty frames or family photos. Symmetry adds balance and calmness to kitchens, which serve as gathering places for guests. A great option for country-style kitchens are antique glass picture frames.
  • Laundry Rooms – With people spending so much time in the laundry room facing walls, ironing, folding, washing and drying, why not add something interesting to perk up those blank walls? Simple, yet classy oval frames look delightful in this multi-functional area. When hanging groups of pictures, hang large pictures approximately 2” apart and small pictures 1-1/2” apart. This applies to spacing on all sides of the pictures.
  • Storage – When creating individual storage areas for families in mudrooms, it is easier to create visual reminds for each person. Spruce up each space by framing artwork from each child’s favorite book. It will make it easier for children to remember where to put their belongings, while making tidying up fun.
  • Closets – The idea of an immaculate closet haunts every woman since “Sex and the City.” Consider framing upscale fashion shopping bags and grouping them together.
  • Small Spaces – Sometimes space is at a premium. Consider turning cupboards into study nooks and hanging artwork above double-duty furniture. It is important to keep artwork’s width at roughly 50% to 90% of the furniture’s length. Less than 50% is far too small, which will make the furniture look disproportionate.

By following these simple rules, in addition to decorating the main rooms of the house, your house will feel elegant, put together and professionally designed. Just remember not to rush purchasing artwork. Artwork is something that speaks to each person so it may take time to find the right pieces that reflect your personal sense of style.


11th Feb 2016

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