The Tradition of a Bridal Portrait

Bridal portraits originated before WWII as a way to commemorate a special time in the couple’s lives because photographers were usually not present at the actual wedding. However, bridal portraits continue to endure in wedding traditions today because of the distinct advantages which comes with taking them. As soon as a dress is chosen and altered to fit the bride perfectly, an appointment should be made with a photographer for bridal portraits.

In bridal portraits, the bride wears her wedding gown with her hair and makeup as perfectly done as her future wedding day. Many brides choose to think of this as a dress rehearsal for their big day, as it helps to determine what poses look best and how it will be to work with the photographer. This is also a great trial run for the makeup artist and hair stylists whose services will be used on the wedding day. A groom is never invited, as this time is for the bride and the bride only.

Bridal portraits of the past were done in a photographer’s studio, on a day before the wedding. The bride was usually seated and wore a serious expression upon her face. This was the picture used in the newspaper wedding announcement which would appear soon after the wedding. However, many brides are now taking bridal portraits outside of the studio and use these pictures as a time to highlight their individual interests. A bride may choose to take pictures of her with her favorite pet, at her favorite baseball stadium or beside her beloved motorcycle. The sky is truly the limit with an adventurous bride and a talented photographer.

Choosing a frame for the bridal portrait is extremely important as the style needs to be timeless, yet cohesive with the rest of the wedding décor. A black oval picture frame or gold oval picture frame is a guaranteed way to complement the portrait. Vintage oval frames have been used time and time again according to tradition.

The bridal portrait is then displayed during the wedding reception with a wooden easel or placed in a frame on top of a table near the wedding cake. Guests who may not have had a close view of the bride during the ceremony will have the opportunity to see the beautiful bride up close and personal. After the wedding is over, many brides choose to display their bridal portrait in their bedroom, remembering a time which was full of hope and promise. The portrait can also remain on an easel and be displayed in a living room or dining room so anyone who chooses to visit the couple after their wedding day can see the bride in all her wedding day beauty. Over time, these portraits become a precious family keepsake and may be displayed again at a daughter or granddaughter’s wedding. 

28th May 2017

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