The Ultimate Guide to Back to School Pictures

Lunch is packed, the backpack is full of new school supplies and a perfect first day of school outfit hangs on a closet door. A big day for some very excited little people is coming soon - the first day of school. Be ready to capture all those precious moments with this ten-step guide for back to school photography.

  • Favorites - Use a text box to list all the favorite things of your child as they enter into a new grade. You could list their favorite movie, their favorite food, their favorite hobby and their favorite sports team. It will be a neat way to record how your child’s opinions change and stay the same year after year.
  • Teacher picture - Take a picture of your child as they meet their teacher for the first time. Have your student gift their teacher with a shiny red apple or a tasty sugar cookie.
  • Friends - Take a picture of your child with their friends and fellow classmates. As the kids grow, continue taking their pictures together. How cool it is to document such sweet and special bonds.
  • Graduation Year Shirt - Take a picture of your child in a t-shirt with the year they graduate on it. Every year at the start of the school year, put your child in that shirt, snap a picture and as you compare pictures each year, watch the once-giant shirt grow into a perfectly fitting one.
  • Frame it! - Take a circular picture frame, remove the glass and decorate it with the current current year and your child’s name. Have your student hold it up and frame their face inside of it for a super cute picture.
  • Chalk - Use chalk to decorate a sidewalk with your child’s name, grade level and what they want to be. Have your child lie down beside it and smile. This is a creative way to get all those cool facts in while having fun with your kid.
  • Parent/child picture - Your little one is growing so quickly. From a baby who you held in your arms to a child who waves goodbye to you at the bus stop, don’t forget to include a shot of your two together. You’re a key part of these special moments, too!
  • School Supplies - Your child loved picking out just the perfect backpack and lunchbox. Though you clearly remember every moment of back to school shopping for princess pencils and superhero crayon boxes, you won’t one day. Try to get a shot of that adorably important school gear.
  • Banner - Have your child hold up a burlap or fabric banner which spells out “Back to School” or “First Grade.” Drape the banner across your mantle or above the child’s bed as a neat way to celebrate those first few days of school.
  • Candids - The very best photographs are the ones you never plan to take. Be ready to capture subtle expressions and big moments, because once they happen, you’ll never get them back. 
18th Sep 2017

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