Themed Party Décor Using Picture Frames

If you are in the business of planning and decorating parties, be sure to have a number of picture frames in your party décor supplies. Whether it’s a formal engagement party, a baby shower or a child’s birthday party, picture frames can prove to be a versatile decorating tool. Take a number of round picture frames, vintage oval frames and rectangular frames for you to use for your events. You can paint them black or white, or spray paint them to match the color of the event’s motif.

Here are some decorating ideas that your clients will love:

  • Picture frames as photo booth props. Add more enjoyment to the party by setting up a photo booth for the guests. Who can resist the opportunity to make ridiculously fun poses with friends amidst whimsical props? You can even go with the party’s theme. Use light, empty picture frames that the guests can hold up in front of them to act as props. When you set up the photo booth, you should also add other props such as hats, banners, face mustaches and oversized sunglasses. You can also prepare chalkboard frames and some chalk. Let the guests write the statements they will be holding up as they pose. For photo sessions during outdoor parties, you can also hang a number of empty frames into tree branches using ribbons.
  • Welcome table décor. Make your clients’ guests feel welcome – tell them so! Using large picture frames, place the clients’ welcome message at the reception table. Examples can say, “Welcome to Rex’s Rock-and-Rollin’ Birthday Party!”, “We’re glad you’re here!”, “Cathy is turning one!”.
  • Deluxe bunting. Rather than using plain paper bunting, why not use brightly colored ribbon to piece together a number of small picture frames? You can use the frames to spell “Happy Birthday!” or “Mazel Tov!” by putting each of the letters in their respective frames.
  • Backdrop décor. Place some texture and visual impact to where the celebrant will sit by hanging and layering a number of frames. You can also add banners, pompoms, crepe paper flowers, colored balls along with the frames.
  • Tic-tac-toe game. Why not have ready-made icebreakers at each of the tables? Help guests get the conversation ball rolling by giving them a chance to play an impromptu game of tic-tac-toe. Get a small picture frame with glazing. Print out a 3 x 3 grid that will serve as the tic-tac-toe board. Use chips or painted pebbles as tic-tac-toe pieces.
  • Menu listing. At the buffet table, print and frame the food items you will be serving. Clearly label the food using the basic ingredients. You can also list ingredients that may potentially be allergens to some of the guests. This can prevent guests with allergies from unknowingly eating food that they are meant to avoid.
  • Chalkboard server tray. Make a cute food tray with a large 5-inch deep shadow box with the backing board painted with chalkboard paint. Place hors d’ouevre or cheese slices and label these by writing on the chalkboard surface. This makes for a great cheese platter display!
  • Picture perfect desserts. Show that your desserts are picture perfect by highlighting them with frames. Place the desserts behind empty frames that are chosen for how well they complement the food they are framing.
17th Oct 2016

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