Tips for Framing Artwork and Photos

This article features professional tips for framing artwork and photos, which gives them an upscale appearance and finish.

The proper frame highlights the presentation of artwork or photographs. Frames also help protect the artwork. Frames, glass, mats and framing methods support the way each individual piece of art is framed.

There are thousands of frames in various colors, sizes and finishes. The right frame must be selected for each specific piece of artwork. Frames include mirrors, special moldings, canvases, and even 5 inch deep shadow box designs.

Mats have a dual design for photographs and artwork. They help highlight colors and provide necessary air circulation. Acid-free is an excellent option, but purity and fiber content are also important when selecting mat boards. Mat size is a personal preference. If framing a signed photograph or piece of art, allow enough room to highlight the signature, which is just as important as the work itself.

Antique picture frames, round photo frames and oval wood picture frames feature glass or acrylic options. Consumers can request acrylic or glass options and even ultraviolet protection, which can increase clarity and reduce glare.

The size of the artwork or a photograph, molding and mats all add to a well-balanced design. Consultants can help offer guidance and information to create a one-of-a-kind piece of art.

If the art or photograph will hang on a heavily textured or pattered wall, a wide mat will make the artwork stand out and make it easy to view.

If the color of the frame is important, consider using paint or fabric swatches to match the area where the picture frame will be hanging. This will help ensure that the picture frame matches other interior decor.

Old artwork is easy to refresh with a new picture frame and mat. This makes old styles easy to blend with new, modern and contemporary designs and decor.

Plexiglas frames and pictures are ideal for children’s play areas and rooms. They are extremely durable and do not shatter like fragile picture frames.

The smaller the artwork, the larger and wider the picture frame can be. Deep picture frames help to emphasize the central perspective of the artwork, adding immersion to the picture.

Pastel artwork requires space between the glass and the sheet. Glass should not touch artwork.

26th Oct 2015

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