Tips for Opening an Art Gallery

Opening an art gallery can be a fun and exciting experience. Art galleries attract a wide array of visitors, from the general public to serious collectors and art critics. Art gallery owners have a sincere, deep passion for art.

To open an art gallery, follow these steps.

Current Market Trends – Analyze the area’s current market trends. It is important to rely on experts, including government leaders, civic leaders, business leaders and local artists. Once a comprehensive research is complete, it is important to develop a thorough business plan that outlines specific goals and plans for an art gallery.

Location – Art galleries need a great location. Location is key to having a successful gallery. The location should be easy to access, highly visible and have plenty of interior space to accommodate several art collections. Additionally, galleries need enough space to accommodate receptions, parties, drinks and food. Gallery parties require mingling, which allows gallery owners and artists to converse with guests. Gallery decor should be minimal, which lets the artwork take center stage.

Staff – Galleries should hire professional staff that is competent in greeting visitors. Staff includes a manager or curator and a receptionist or office assistant. The manager helps to select artwork for the gallery, including where and how it should be displayed. They often have a significant hand in helping select custom picture frames. Many galleries work with InLine Ovals to develop specific, custom designs that enhance the beauty of artwork. This may include unique circular frames, wood oval picture frames or even classic, simple black oval picture frames. Receptionists specialize in providing paperwork, answering photos, scheduling and much more. They are the first face that visitors see when entering a gallery, which is why it is important to have someone that is polite, professional and courteous.

Artists Display their Work – New art galleries may want to invite artists to openings, which helps them develop a reputation within the community and industry. Having new artists at launches can also provide them with the necessary work exposure they need, especially if galleries are willing to take chances on them.

Getting the Word Out – New galleries need to create buzz and attention before their big openings. This includes notifying local media before the opening. Galleries should consider hosting a formal opening with a party or reception, an informal party, advertising in print, through television, radio, online or via social media. Having a ribbon cutting ceremony, developing marketing materials, including post cards, brochures and launching a website.

Promoting Art Galleries – It is important that once the art gallery opens, gallery marketing and public relations continue. Word-of-mouth marketing is very powerful, as are networking conferences and local community events.


31st May 2016

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