Tips for Shooting Superb Weddings

Professional wedding photographers know to expect the unexpected when preparing to photograph weddings. Weddings are among the most important days in couples’ lives and the memories last a lifetime.

Photographers understand the importance of playing the calming therapist. Helping brides through breakdowns, photographers are there to help wedding parties embrace the unexpected. This may include taking advantage of inclement weather by playing it off with umbrellas and dancing in the rain. Photographers need to embrace spontaneity and help wedding parties keep an open mind. Spontaneity helps to create the most amazing wedding pictures.

Wedding parties should include photographers on their guest list, which gives them access to the special moments. This includes seating with guests, taking photos of guests interacting during the reception and taking photos of guests dancing into the wee hours of the morning.

For wedding parties that have transportation to the ceremony, photographers can easily capture pre-nuptial intimate moments.

Creative portraits look sensational with the right backdrops. They are ideal for adventurous couples that are looking to take advantage of the nearby scenery and are not afraid to add an extra 30 minutes to their schedule to allow photographers to capture the perfect outdoor picture. These special couples’ moments look beautiful framed with simple black oval picture frames.

Photographers can discuss with brides if they would like “getting ready shots.” These may include pictures of hair, makeup, etc. These types of photos are classic with oval gold frames.

Family group shots are generally taken right after the ceremony and include the parents, grandparents, siblings and the wedding party. For larger groups, it is appropriate to take pictures after the cake cutting. It is polite to have the DJ or band make an announcement saying that a moment is being taken for pictures.

Indoor receptions glow with an array of lighting, which includes orange, purple, red and pink. It is best to avoid green lighting indoors. Romantic lighting looks sensational in pictures, which is why photographers recommend twinkling lights, candles and chandeliers. A bubble glass frame gives these photos a unique look, as it perfectly captures the lighting.

Tent receptions set the night aglow with white canvas that works superb with cameras’ flashes. To top if off, add lanterns, chandeliers and candles to tabletops for the ultimate look.

17th Apr 2016

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