Tips to Give Customers on How to Take Care of Their Picture Frames

Having a good customer service program is one way of building your roster of loyal customers. Taking care of questions and future requests shows your clients that you are a trusted provider that they can turn to as the need arises. One way of doing this is in providing vital information on how they can properly take care of your products, including picture frames.

InLine Ovals’ vintage wood picture frames are made of high quality wood. We pride ourselves with the excellent workmanship of our frame and we confidently offer our clients a returns policy for our products. However, taking good care of these frames will further lengthen the lifespan of the frames, as well as the items that are framed.

We suggest that you provide a care card that can be placed at the back of the picture frames. This will help remind clients of the proper way to care for the frames.

  • Hang the frames using the proper hanging materials. When the frame is improperly hung on the wall, you are increasing the risk of it falling. This can result to damage to the photograph or artwork if the glazing breaks and scratches the surface. The frame structure itself can be compromised by the impact of the fall. Worse, the frame may cause injuries in the event it falls on someone. Be sure to check that the right hanging materials are used and installed securely.
  • Hang or store the picture frames at the proper place. Hanging the frame in areas with a lot of moisture or exposure to sunlight, heat or extreme temperatures are places that can wreak serious havoc on the picture frames. The condensation caused by extreme heat or cold can seep into the insides of the frame and cause the photograph to stick on the glazing. Consider using bubble glass or spacers to provide some “breathing space” that will allow the condensation to dry out. As much as possible, hang the picture frame far away from air conditioning vents or from walls that are exposed to direct sunlight at extended periods of time. When storing the frames, store in a cool, dry place – never the basement or the attic.
  • Keep it safely out of reach. If you have children or pets, place your picture frames safely out of their reach. Curious hands and paws can damage the frame. Also, any breakage may cause injuries to a child or pet.
  • Check for early signs of damage. Over time, vermin can try to make their way into the insides of the frame. The glue and paper at the backing make for perfect meals for silverfish and other pests. They will eat their way to the picture. Other signs of damage are the formation of mildew, as well as “paper burns” or discolorations caused by acid in the framing materials. From time to time, take the picture frame down to check whether it needs some dusting, or if you need to take the contents out to allow condensation to dry completely.
  • Clean the picture frames regularly. Dust and grime may settle on the frame if left unchecked. To start, take a large and thick towel, lay it on a table or a flat surface. Laying the frame face down on a towel will prevent scratches on the glazing. You may need to take out the contents so that you can give the frame a thorough clean. Glass can be easily cleaned using glass cleaner and a cleaning cloth. However, it is important to remember that acrylic glazing requires a different cleaning method. Acrylic is very susceptible to scratches and once the scratches are there, they will be virtually impossible to remove. Never use glass cleaner when cleaning acrylic glazing. Instead, use soap and water.
7th Nov 2016

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