Tips to Improve Taking Nature Pictures

How did are you spending Earth Day? We hope you got the chance to spend some time outside enjoying the beautiful natural spaces we are surrounded by! Hanging photos that you have taken in the outdoors is a good way to give your home a more natural feel. Taking pictures of places you love is a great way to personalize it your living space. So read our tips, grab your camera, and go outside!

  1. Pick a focal point. Just because landscapes are often wide sweeping images, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have something that the attention should be drawn to. Whether it is a snow-capped peak, a bird or old growth tree, make sure your photo is capturing something intentionally.
  2. Have an interesting foreground. Having a foreground with interesting details provides your image has more depth and gives it more of a 3D look. It also provides context and helps tell the story of what you are displaying.
  3. Be aware of lighting. Natural lighting can be tricky! The best time to take pictures is the “golden hour.” This is the hour after sunrise and the hour before sunset when the lighting is softer and glowing. It can give images an ethereal look. Be careful of light bleaching out parts of your picture, or not illuminating a focal point enough.
  4. Experiment with close-ups and landscapes. A sweeping view of a canyon can be just as arresting as a close-up of a leaf. The beauty found in nature is both overwhelming and overlooked. Try to connect with your surroundings, take the time to examine and appreciate the world around you.
  5. Go with the flow. Working outdoors rarely goes to plan! The weather, landscape and lighting generally run on their own timeline. Wildlife doesn’t prioritize selfies as much as we do! Enjoy the experience and hope for the best, you never know what you will stumble upon in the natural world!

We hope these tips will help you take some photos in honor of Earth Day! Remember, once you a get a good picture you’re going to need a good frame too.

15th Jul 2019

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