Top Paint Colors For 2018 and What to Pair With Them

Paint colors, like fashion, can change in trends from year to year. The inspiration for these new colors comes from all over the world, with experts who can identify the particular shades that will be seen all over, and how well they work with decor.

If you are looking to make a change, colors this year will certainly do that for you. These dramatic shades are not what is typically seen indoors, but may be just the change you are looking for in beautiful shades that you will love.

An understated blue-green. This shade looks great in kitchens, mixed with different colored cabinets to give some contrast. Or use it with a matte finish in a dining room for a sophisticated look, and add in natural colors for decor, like a large oval wood picture frame or an antique oval framed mirror. If you want to use it for a relaxing shade in the bathroom, be sure to use a bit more sheen as it is always easier to clean than the matte finish.

Deep ocean blues. If you are suffering from wanderlust, but cannot travel right now, painting a room in a deep ocean blue will give the idea of exploring foreign lands. This color looks beautiful with warm metals like golds or bronzes, and can also be used to paint pieces instead of walls. Hang old circle picture frames with convex glass that hold antique photographs of family members from the past, especially if they are taken in a home country far away.

Vibrant, but beautiful, reds. Deep red colors are being seen everywhere, as many people are getting bolder with their paint choices. A red accent wall in the kitchen would look great with a coffee corner or breakfast themed decor, or if a red wall is too much for you, this color looks lovely on small tables and doors. Pair it with gold picture frames, warm colored hearthstones and deep espresso wood color furniture.

The blackest black. Black get a bad reputation as being dark and unwelcome, but it may actually have meditative qualities for a room as well. Keep it simple with no other undertones, and keep it in a bright room with lots of natural light or bright artificial lighting. Use it behind a large flat screen television to use as a sort of camouflage when it’s not being used. A matte finish is best for this, and if used in a kitchen, be sure to keep the accent pieces and cabinets a sharp contrast such as whites or reds for a very modern look. 

28th Feb 2018

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