Top Wedding Photographers’ Techniques

The characteristics of taking good photos often help wedding photographers select the best type of oval wood picture frames or domed glass frames. Every picture should tell a beautiful story or capture a moment. When wedding photographers take pictures, the following characteristics make superb, memorable photos.

  • Composition – Composition needs to be considered, when possible. People should be symmetrically centered within the shot, whether it is balancing the sky with the mountains, rolling hills and earth, or the background. Symmetry typically has a rule of thirds, which leads to a unique framing detail.
  • Emotion – Wedding photographers specialize in capturing emotion. Emotions can make us cry or laugh and bring us together. These timeless moments capture audiences’ attention and pull us into the photo, making us feel as though we are part of the moment.
  • Stories – Photographs tell stories. These stories can convey a variety of emotions.
  • Imagination – Photographers are excellent at leaving something to the imagination. The best stories always leave something untold and give a personalized effect that spins the wheels of our imagination. Shots of the bride throwing the bouquet mid-air always leaves an untold story where people can imagine the rest of the story, such as, who captures the bouquet, do the single women fall in a heap rushing for the bouquet, does everyone remain civilized jumping for the bouquet, etc. These amusing images toy with the imagination, while creating a fun-filled, creative story.
  • Iconic Moments – Wedding photographers are meant to capture shots that mimic those reproduced from classic movies, trendy photographs, pop culture designs, emotional moments and much more. Creativity and staying up-to-date with the latest hip trends is a big part of wedding photography. Wedding photographers have to think “outside the box” to make a name for themselves in this competitive industry. To finish off these unique wedding pictures, photographers also have to consider the types of frames that work best with throwback or modern designs, such as vintage oval picture frames or black oval picture frames.
  • Unique – The more diverse the wedding, the greater opportunities available to focus on images that stand apart from the crowd.
  • Juxtapositions – Juxtaposing images is becoming more popular. An example of juxtaposing is when a bride is dressed in a perfect gown and this contrasts against a mobile homeless city that represents poverty.
  • Lighting and Color – Light can add sparkle and mystery to moments, creating the right silhouettes that highlight nature’s beauty.
  • Details – Instead of overlooking details, focus on the details of the wedding, such as rings, food, the cake, audience reactions, etc., to truly capture the beauty of the couple’s big day.
  • Children’s Reactions – If children are invited to the wedding, photographers should not forget to embrace their reactions, which are pure, full of excitement and joy.


8th Mar 2016

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