Unique and Easy Ways to Display Children’s Artwork

There are few things as joyous as the delight a child takes in creating their own artwork. From finger painting, to drawing with sidewalk chalk to designing glitter-filled creations, children enjoy putting their artist skills to work as a fun and exciting way to grow their creative minds. The important lesson for parents to remember as they watch their mini- Picassos and tiny- Monets continue to pile up pieces of art is to encourage them to grow in their creativity by honoring how proud they are of their creative child. A great way to encourage their skills is to display children’s artwork throughout the home. Here are some quick and easy ways to do it.

  • Framed Abstract Art. Don’t hide the kids’ artwork away in their backpacks. Use antique oval frames or round wooden frames to neaten the juvenile influence and help the paintings blend effortlessly with the rest of the house’s decorative style. Finger painting inside of a beautiful vintage oval frame can change messy toddler artwork into unique, abstract creations.
  • Thematic Art. Collect children’s artwork which centers on certain themes. For example, group pictures together which are all about animals or people or places. Frame it with matching large oval frames to tie the theme together and give a polished look.
  • Gallery Wall. Add children’s drawings to framed photographs on a gallery wall. The juxtaposition of mediums adds visual interest and depth, while adding personality to the family portraits.
  • Corkboard Frames. Add corkboard to the backs of wooden picture frames and swap out artwork with push pins. This is a great way to involve children in choosing what pieces they would like to feature and to keep up with the constant flow of school art projects.
  • Washi Tape. Choose a fun print of washi tape for an easy and cheap way to get their drawings on the wall. Plus, it’s completely removable.
  • Banners. Take a piece of twine or colorful ribbon and drape it across a window or doorway. Use clothespins to easily switch artwork in and out of rotation.
  • Clipboards. Cover clipboards with fabric or contact paper. Mount them on the wall and clip papers on and off as needed. This is super quick and super easy.
  • Chalkboard paint. Paint an entire wall or door with chalkboard paint. Let the budding artist go to town with chalk. This is guaranteed to bring ongoing hours of entertainment.
  • Photobooks. Take a picture of your child’s artwork and have them printed into a photobook. Include pictures of the artist in with art for a very meaningful and memorable gift.
  • Posters. Have posters printed of very special pieces. Let your child choose where to place the poster so they can be continually inspired to be creative because of the confidence their parents have in displaying their art. 
23rd May 2017

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