Unique and Special Gifts for the Moms in Your Life

Are you searching for just the right gift to you show the mothers you know how much you love and value them? We’ve compiled a list of ideas for the lady who always puts others before herself. Confirm her importance with a unique and meaningful gift she’ll treasure.

  • Handprint art. If her children are young, all you will need is washable paint, construction paper and a few simple art supplies. Simply trace the children’s hands and fill them in with paint. These hands can be a base for butterflies, flowers, trees, fish and whatever else your creative mind can think of them being. Make the artwork last forever by framing it in a beautiful black oval frame.
  • Books and Magazines. If your mom loves to read, buy her a subscription to a magazine she would enjoy. She’ll appreciate your thoughtful gift every time it arrives in the mail. Find the latest release from her favorite author and gift it to her or simply get her a gift card to her favorite bookstore. For a true bookworm, there is no better present.
  • Family portraits. Surprise her with beautiful portraits made of her family. These pictures will mark a precious time in her life and confirm to her she’s raised a beautiful family. Frame the pictures in round wooden frames or antique oval frames, so she will be able to enjoy her gift throughout the year.
  • Help her out. Clean her car. This is one of those tasks that is often put aside with a busy schedule. Wash the outside and clean out the inside. Look around her house for walls which need to be painted, flower beds which need to be weeded or closets which need to be organized. Ask her if there are any projects that she needs help finishing. There will not be enough words to describe how grateful she is for the assistance.
  • Make her a meal. Moms are usually the ones busy in the kitchen. Allow her to prop her feet up by cooking her favorite meal. If it’s not possible for you to be there, order her takeout food from her favorite restaurant and arrange to have it sent to her house.

Chances are it won’t take much to make a mother happy. A phone call, a card and a hug are enough to make any mother’s day, but a little thought and a little effort will confirm to her she is indeed very loved and appreciated.   

26th Jun 2017

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