Unique Gifts Grandparents Will Love

Grandparents hold a very special place in our hearts. Their warmth, wisdom, and openness make them unique individuals who you appreciate more with each passing day. However, during the holidays, these treasured family members can make shopping a challenge.

Grandparents appreciate meaningful gifts the most. Handmade presents or personalized gifts make for the best presents this time of year. See below for some great ideas on what to give your elders that will have them smiling into the New Year.

Create a crossword poem using the letter of their special name. Grandparents go by many names, and if you have a special one that you call yours, making a special reminder of that pet name for them to hang in their home is a great idea. Add a unique twist by using the letters in a crossword formation that also describes traits about them that you love. Frame it in a beautiful vintage oval frame and wrap it with love for this holiday.

Have the kids make a holiday rectangular shadow box with handprints. Using a canvas and green craft paint, have the kids use their hands to create a lovely handprint Christmas tree. Paint some colorful ornaments on your tree, and add something that stands out, like a real tree topper. With a shadow box frame, the possibilities for add-ons are limitless. Have the smaller kids use their feet to personalize some ball ornaments with the craft paint, and add them to your frame for a three-dimensional stunning gift.

Restore old family photographs in bubble glass. Bubble, or convex glass frames were once a very popular style for family portrait photos. If your grandparents have some of these older frames lying around in disrepair, take them to a frame store for restoration. They are notoriously difficult to restore, so it’s best left to a professional. They can not only repair the photograph but replace the bubble glass as well to a perfect fit.

Personalize pottery for their collection. There are several places that allow you to paint your own pottery pieces, and these make wonderful gifts as well as great ways to spend quality time together. Coffee cups, bowls and plates make for particularly useful pieces, and they will bring a smile to their faces every time they use one of your personalized pottery gifts. For an even more special touch, have the grandkids use their hands to make handprints that will last a lifetime.

A framed map with markers showing where you are in their hearts. This is great for long distance family, for when you can’t be together. Maps can be beautifully framed alone, but adding a special marker such as a heart or a symbol that means something to both of you will remind them that no matter what the distance, they are always close in your hearts and minds. 

27th Dec 2017

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