Unique Ways to Display Photo Cards Year Round

Holiday cards are one the brightest joys of the season, and many people put a lot of thought, time and expense into sending them out each year. If you are one of the receivers of many photo holiday cards, it may feel like such a shame to have to discard them at the end of the season.

Displaying those photo cards year round can be a wonderful reminder of the many families in your life that you care about, or care about you. They are often the most recent photographs you may get from each member as well, especially if they live a long distance away. Take advantage of these cards with these helpful tips on creative ways to display them without cluttering up your fridge space.

Hang them from twine in an old window frame. Winter is a great time to update your windows, so if you have some old frames lying around from the replacements, don't discard them just yet. Hang a few of these large four-panel frames on an empty wall in your home, and use twine strung from end to end. Then hang each card in a colorful line using small clothes hanger pins. This look is very charming and works best in homes with distressed decor.

Make a gallery wall of individual cards. Using all black oval picture frames, or antique round picture frames, frame each card individually as you would any photograph or treasured piece of art. You may have to trim some of the pieces to get the right fit, but the wall will be a great homage to your friends and family you can admire through all seasons.

Secure them with a ribbon to your kitchen cabinets. If you have limited free wall space, why not put those tall kitchen cabinet doors to use? Secure a thick ribbon of any color you choose that matches your decor right down the middle of each door, tucking the ends behind and taping them. Then tape or glue each card in a line down the ribbon for an out-of-the-way display that makes a clever use of limited space.

Use a flower box for a unique mantel display. A fireplace mantel is the one place in the home that begs to be used for photographs. Instead of cluttering it up with individual frames for a small space, use a long narrow flower box to hold your cards upright for you to admire. The shape of a flower box is perfect for this use, or if you can find one, a narrow rectangular shadow box frame is a great replacement piece.

Use a cork board and string to make a memory board of photo cards. Cork boards can be found at almost any craft store, but to make them truly stand out, try criss-crossing twine in abstract patterns across the board. Then secure each card by tucking them beneath the thin string. It won’t detract from the picture, but it’s a great way to quickly rearrange them to freshen up the look every once in a while. 

2nd Feb 2018

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