Unique Ways to Hang Artwork

Interior designers share the most dramatic ways to hang wall art.

  1. Go Dramatic – Paint an accent wall navy blue, gloss black or dark plum. For homeowners that prefer wallpaper, consider contemporary images or botanical prints. Black and white backdrops help to highlight the color of intense artwork.
  2. Continuous Frames – The continuous frame looks takes a while to achieve; however, it easily ties rooms together. Simply space two to three inches between each frame. For rooms that have less artwork, try six to eight inches. Decorate an entire room with wall-to-wall art, even turning corners and circling rooms when possible. This gives rooms an eye-catching look that is sure to impress guests.
  3. Map it out – Create a line of thin trim that is secured with nails or tacts. Add wire or ribbon and hang pictures of varying sizes and shapes, including oval picture frames and round picture frames. Copper wire looks superb against dark backdrops, such as black or plumb. This style can easily reflect antique oval picture frames or contemporary designs, such as black oval picture frames.
  4. Feature Wall – For homes with high ceilings, which include 10 to 14 feet tall, consider filling walls with floor to ceiling artwork. Stack frames of varying sizes with minimal space in between. This style can also become a work-in-progress. Guests will always be excited to see the latest additions when they visit and photographs and paintings are sure to be conversation starters!
  5. Hook and Line Designs – Hang a piece of secured trim. Using a single coat hook, allow ample room and hang a variety of artwork, including rectangular shadow box frames, small oval picture frames and wood oval picture frames. This design looks excellent paired with art-deco styles.
  6. Light – Hang lighting above walls with artwork to highlight special pieces and make them standout.
  7. Clocks – Using a mechanical clock piece, use framed photos to indicate the hours.
  8. Wraparounds – Have photo galleries wrap around walls for a unique appearance that is sure to impress guests and garnish a second look.
  9. Depth – Add depth and partially layer shadow boxes over thin frames for a multi-dimensional appearance.
  10. Themes – Decorate walls with different themes. This can include a wall for family, pets, artwork, trip photos, children’s artwork, etc.
  11. Common Denominator – When creating art galleries make sure there is a common denominator, whether it is a frame or medium that brings an element together.
  12. Pattern – Do not be afraid to interrupt patterns, as this allows artwork to become the sole focal point.
  13. Balance – Create balance to even out areas.
  14. Blend – Mix old and new to create contemporary vintage looks.
18th Jan 2016

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