Using Antique Framed Mirrors in Your Bathroom

Yup, you read the title right. Who says the bathroom has to be utilitarian? This personal refuge can add more personality and panache to an already stylish home. Add a mirror with an antique oval picture frame or a domed glass mirror to create a beautiful bathroom space. If you plan on using an antique framed mirror, it can be great to use the original glass with its patina of old glass and the splashes of black, gray and color.

Twinning it. Instead of having a large bathroom mirror, use identical twin mirrors. The antique wood frames in the mirrors add special elegance to spaces, so choose frames that have elaborate carvings and embellishments.

Aim for royalty. Create a bathroom atmosphere fit for a king. With an antique all-white bathtub as your focal point, decorate with a small chandelier, a classic wood chair, an antique vanity and an oversized long floor framed antique mirror with a gold gilt finish.

Go metal. Add more gleam to your chrome bathroom fixtures by choosing a wrought-iron-framed antique mirror rather than a wooden one. Choose one that has filigree details for an old-world feel. You can add to the effect by going for an iron tub.

Gallery of hand mirrors. Rather than getting one to three framed mirrors, why not fill the wall with 20 or even 30 smaller hand mirrors? A set of vintage handheld mirrors can be a quirky way to add uniqueness to the bathroom space. You can start your collection by visiting eBay, flea markets and vintage stores. These mirrors can be of different shapes, sizes and tones. But the handles can be arranged in various configurations to add more visual interest to your wall.

A mirror on a mirror. Add the wow factor to your bathroom. If you already have a mirrored wall in your bathroom, go over the top by placing a huge (and we mean at least 4 feet by 6 feet huge) framed mirror right in front of this mirrored wall. Yes, the result is really astounding. Go for a wood mirror with a wide frame that features carved medallions, fleur de lis or elaborate beading. A silver or gold gilt finish can work very well. Add some classic bathroom fixtures, an all-white tub and an antique rug to complete the ensemble.

A trio of cathedral mirrors. Get one large cathedral mirror and two smaller and identically-sized cathedral mirrors and set them up with the larger mirror at the center. The cathedral shape features a round top with a straight bottom with rounded corners. Rather than placing this above the sink, you can also place this above a DIY towel rack made of wood.

Uniquely-shaped mirrors. Why go for the standard square, round or oval frames when you can have a romantic heart shape, a sunburst shape or a hexagon in an iron frame? These statement mirrors are an easy (and budget friendly) way to make this bathroom exclusively your own.

Mirrored vintage shelf. Rather than going with a framed mirror, you can also try adding some glass shelving to a large shadow box frame with a vintage design. This open shelf can add knick-knacks, toiletries and candles while serving a dual purpose as a mirror. This can be particularly useful if you only have limited wall space.

16th Jan 2017

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