Using Domed Glass In Your Christmas Decor

Domed glass is a beautiful way to display the most precious objects in your home. It can do everything from protect your treasures from dust to reflect the light just perfectly enough to make the object within it shine.

If you are looking to incorporate some of your domed glass pieces into your holiday decorations instead of putting them away for the season, here’s a great list of different ways you can use the domed glass in your holiday decor.

Bundle string lights within. String lights are an inexpensive way to light up the rooms during the season and can be transformed into just about any shape you would like. If you want to make a centerpiece that really shines, bundle white battery operated string lights beneath a domed glass frame for a unique holiday lamp that will make everything look better under its glowing shine.

Use smaller domed glass frames to display ornaments or nutcrackers. Some ornaments are meant to stand out, and not be lost within the confines of a large green tree. If you have some that are special to you, display them proudly on a shelf under smaller domed glass frames. The lights from the tree will reflect beautifully off the glass, and be sure to catch the eye of anyone looking to admire your decorations.

Make a miniature Christmas tree wonderland. Using a cone mold, shape some chicken wire into a Christmas tree shape. After securing the wire into the shape, use miniature string lights to wrap within the wire, and hang small ornaments from your tiny new tree. Once you have completed the tree, use artificial snow or glitter to make it look like it stands in a wintery forest, and cover it with the domed glass frame to create a snow globe effect.

Protect your gingerbread house from tiny hands. One thing children love more than making gingerbread houses is eating the candy decorations used to make it! If you’ve spent some good time creating a gingerbread masterpiece of your own, don’t let tiny hands ruin your amazing work by protecting it under a dome glass frame on a cake stand. They’ll still be able to admire it, and maybe even dream about taking a nibble, but your house will hold until the holiday is over.

Display flameless candles. Real candles can be such a fire hazard, and if you have children running around during the holidays, it’s an even bigger concern. Flameless candles make for a safe and just as beautiful alternative to a real flame and come in many patterns and colors. Adding a domed glass display case over your candles gives them the option to flicker light off of the glass, and create a beautiful glowy shadow on the walls of where they are displayed. 

31st Dec 2017

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