Using Framed Mirrors to Enlarge Your Rooms

Mirrors are very useful decorative tools, especially in tight spaces. Not only are they their own piece of art, but they also have an enlarging effect on a room. This is because they are able to give the illusion of space, as they let it more of the natural light and make the room feel as if it had more depth.

At InLine Ovals, we offer you a wide range of choices when it comes to mirrors. These come in a variety of shapes and sizes. There are also frameless yet beveled mirrors, as well as non-beveled varieties.

Position the mirrors to reflect the light from the windows. Look for the ideal angle for the placement of the mirror. This can be easier if you have a standalone framed mirror since you are not limited to hanging the mirror on the wall. For instance, you can lean a huge mirror against the dining room wall, just right across the windows. This makes a small dining room look larger and airier. A framed mirror across a window will also serve to bring in the great views from the outdoors.

Position the mirrors behind a light source. If you only have a few windows in your small space, another option is to place a mirror behind a bedside lamp, the chandelier or a pendant light. The mirror will not only increase the reach of the lighting, but it can also create a romantic and relaxed atmosphere. When doing this, use only one oversized mirror, since placing mirrors all around the room may make the room feel too bright. Another option is to place an unframed mirror behind the stove. This will brighten a usually dark area in the kitchen. Of course, you will need to prepare a spray cleanser that has grease-removing properties so that you can clean the mirrors from time to time.

Enhance the other decorative elements. When you place mirrors in strategically selected areas, you will, in effect, multiply the look of what you already have. Do you want that to happen? If you have walls with chipped paint, threadbare furnishings and cluttered accessories, using a mirror will not be a good idea. Thus, upgrade your walls, curtains and the rest of the decorative elements so that the mirrors replicate something that is visually pleasing. In addition, keep clutter behind cabinets so that the junk is not multiplied across the room.

Place a large mirror behind furniture. Rather than placing a mirror on a console table or right above it, place an oversized rectangular mirror behind it. This has an enlarging effect to the space by making the piece of furniture look prominent and planned, instead of just something you simply squeezed into the available space.

Group small mirrors as a gallery display. Admittedly, oversized mirrors are quite expensive. If you cannot fit this in your budget, you can opt for getting a number of small mirrors. Ideally, use the same mirrors. For instance, group together rectangular mirrors of the same size, with the same frame finish and color. The uniform frames result in an uncluttered yet organized look.

Use floor length mirrors. These draw the eye to the ceiling, giving the illusion of height for your space. You can place these mirrors by itself in a corner or behind a piece of furniture.

Add mirrors in cabinet fronts. Attach mirrored tiles on cabinet doors. This gives an uncluttered and wide open feel to the room, even if you have your clutter safely hidden behind the cabinet doors.

2nd Jan 2017

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