Using Large Mirrors to Decorate

Large mirrors are oversized slivers of silver magic. As an interior decorator, mirrors are an essential part of your toolkit, and you can definitely go large and proud with supersized-framed mirrors. Even as small mirrors can add bits of light and personality to a room, oversized mirrors can really do a lot to open up a space and add some depth and texture.

Behind living room chairs. Do some space-multiplication magic by leaning a supersized mirror behind a pair of living room chairs with a table between them. This strategically placed mirror is best placed opposite a window where it can reflect natural light.

Behind console tables. Place large framed mirrors behind the console table to add to the visual impact of the room. Use one that reaches close to the ceiling and comes with an extra-wide frame to give the display an extra bit of oomph. The effect is also maximized if you use an open-legged console table, which brightens up even the dark and dreary space underneath the table.

In front of the dining room table. Install an antique oval wood-framed mirror that fills an entire column or the space between two windows. Placed right in front of the dining table, this reflects the subtle mood lighting that is common in dining areas and provides a luxurious old-world feel.

Above the mantle and below a piece of art. Create a unique frame for a favorite art piece by hanging a large rectangular mirror just above the fireplace. Then, support the art piece that goes above the mirror by hanging the piece with gold wire (running from the top of the frame and going down to the back of the piece). The exposed wire adds an extra touch and texture for this ensemble.

Use a quartet of round mirrors. Instead of using one large round wood-framed mirror, use four! The mirrors hung on a grid display, provides a fascinating wood and silver effect on the wall. This ensemble is best hung above a mantel or on the entryway wall. The framed quartet concept also works very well for antique convex mirrors, which are able to catch different views of the room from a number of angles.

Using a curtain combination. Lean a framed rectangular vertical mirror against the bedroom wall, preferably one facing the windows. Attach a curtain rod at the top of the mirror and add some white, filmy curtains. This way, if you want to moderate the amount of light coming in, you can enjoy an undisturbed sleep by simply closing the curtains over the mirror.

Display as an art piece. Use a large framed oval mirror to double as art by hanging it where you will usually hang art pieces such as the space above the living room sofa or the wall facing the foyer. You can also hang the oval mirror vertically to mimic a full-length antique portrait.

Across an oversized painting. Narrow dining room space? No problem. Double up the space by putting a beveled mirror on one wall so that it nearly covers the entire space. You can have wood paneling that mimics the function of a frame. On the opposite side of this mirror, hang an art piece of a similar size, with a similar frame.

18th Apr 2017

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