Using the Hot Spring Trend of Geometric Shapes in your Decor

Experts agree that this spring, geometrics are going to be in a lot of trendy design choices. To take advantage of these hot designs without overwhelming your current decor, you’ll want to choose some subtle ways to add some geometry.

For some great tips on small changes, you can make with this trend, see below.

Incorporate it in your living area with throw pillows or a rug. Instead of jumping right in with mixing patterns, start small with a few accents here and there. You choose some patterned throw pillows that compliment a solid couch color or go a little bigger with a bold rug. The great thing is these patterns will hide a lot of the normal wear and tear that happens with regular everyday use. However, keep it simple by using one or the other, and never too many patterns in a solid room. Draw the eye to your bold patterns in one space.

Exchange those rectangular frames for circle frames. Round wooden frames are an understated choice, and circles will be the most used shape this spring in designs instead of what we have seen in the past in triangles. Use them in a variety of colors and sizes on a gorgeous gallery wall.

Keep your colors in the same family. If you want your patterns to flow nicely, make sure that they are within the same color family as your current decor. You can choose a pattern that matches two pieces of the room, such as a pillow that matches both your wall paint color and the color of your favorite couch. This will tie it all together without drawing too much attention, keeping it sophisticated and modern.

Size everything to scale with other patterns. If you don’t want a larger piece to completely overshadow a smaller one, use the same geometric shape within a smaller or larger scale. For example, If you have a large oval frame that features a chevron pattern, pair it with a smaller chevroned piece of furniture, such as an ottoman, below.

When using a lot of patterns, keep the other elements neutral. Bold patterns can make a big difference in stunning design, but you want to always maintain a balance. Keep the other things in the space in neutral, solid colors. For example, when choosing a bold print wallpaper for a bathroom, keep fixtures, trim, furniture and mirrors in a simple white color to offset the busyness of the walls.

Choose your pattern pairings carefully. If you want to use more than one pattern, avoid using several geometric shapes together. Instead, pair something softer like a floral with the rigid shapes that will go well together, but not clash. 

20th Mar 2018

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