Volume Discounts for Commercial Design Division

Volume Discounts for Commercial Design Division

Special Announcement: Inline Ovals now has a division specializing in Commercial Design. After working with many professionals in this line of picture framing, we have seen an increased need for framers to know where to turn to place volume orders on picture frames with the same beautiful, gallery quality finish as just ordering one. At Inline Ovals we have worked with art consultants, designer and framers to assist in the design to the actual conception of the desired picture frame or wood work. 

This Commercial Design Division is easily, efficiently, and timely able to do large scale products and projects. Volume orders of our picture frames have been placed by framers and today those picture frames live in hotels around the world, Disneyland, the White House, Smithsonian, and Canadian Parliament Building as well as many other notable places. In each example, the picture frames have been gallery quality, each hand finished by our skilled artisans. 

Volume Discounts apply for quantities of 10-1000+ with discounts based on actual quantity.

If you would like to see what your frame will look like when it is done before placing a volume order, we will design a frame for you (customized, if you would like) in 2-3 days with the finish and profile to match the design that you want.

As well, this division assists in prints, matting, framing, and hanging hardware.

Call us if you have questions, or to place an order. 800-456-1232

18th Nov 2015

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