Why Art Consultants Frame Art and Pictures

Specialized niche art consultants work with hospitality, corporate and healthcare industries to provide interior design advice. Without these colorful wall hangings, these corporate environments would be sterile and monochromatic.

The hospitality industry ranges from bed and breakfasts to resorts. Visitors want to feel paintings and photographs that evoke positive emotions and feelings. Artwork should immerse guests in thoughtful, yet peaceful experiences. Artwork decorates hotel conference rooms, staterooms, hotel entries, onsite restaurants, hallways and much more. No two places in hotels or resorts should be identical. Each area should be a different journey into the heart of a peaceful oasis. Hospitality art consultants approach projects with openness and enthusiasm.

Corporate clients’ goal is to provide a productive and pleasant working environment. Art can also convey the message of corporate environments. Artwork is a powerful tool, conveying messages to customer bases. Art consultants can work with corporations to create collections that help company’s identities, depicting their future paths. Corporate consultants reinforce brand messaging through visual appeal. Additionally, specialized graphic designers can help utilize innovative printing, framing and mounting techniques that transform companies’ brands into works of art.

Peaceful, stress-free healthcare settings help patients feel calmer and heal faster. They also provide peaceful atmospheres for medical staff. Many art consultants try to foster healing through artwork. Working closely with healthcare clients and hospitals, art consultants work to create a reassuring and positive setting. Subtle color shifts and experts that specialize in color theory are associated with patient recovery. Colors can positively affect overall medical experiences.

Professional art consultants’ work through the entire process, from framing to presentation. They help achieve the perfect balance both from technical and creative perspectives. Art consultants provide the following services:

  • Mat and frame design
  • Specialty fixtures, such as pedestals, bubble glass picture frames, rectangular shadow box frame, round frames and oval wood picture frames
  • Contract framing services
  • Re-framing

Working with an expert framing company helps art consultants procure superior quality frames that are perfect for all types of corporate environments. Art consultants are highly trained and can create personalized projects that are based on thematic or regional requirements.

19th Dec 2015

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