Why Fitness Photographers Are Vital to Fitness Professionals

The fitness industry is a highly competitive, fast-paced industry. It’s vital for physical trainers to place themselves ahead of the competition by investing the money and time into a fitness photography session. These images will be useful to place on various social media platforms, business cards and flyers advertising your services. One fitness photography session can provide many years of use if the right images are obtained. Here are some tips to make sure you maximize your session.

  • Come prepared. You’ll need several outfits to change into so that it seems you had more than one photoshoot. Change tops frequently. Pack water, a gym towel and extra makeup if you desire. Bring a list of all the shots you plan to take during the session. You’ll want a few headshots, a few action shots, shots of you demonstrating certain moves and a hero shot, where your athletic prowess jumps off the page and ingrains itself into the mind of the viewer.
  • Go outside. Not only will you have the advantage of using natural light, but you’ll also be able to find a location with multi-uses. Great places to set your session could be a beach, a park or even an industrial complex. Find a time where your location is not too populated, so you won’t have to worry about them cluttering up the background.
  • Be authentic. Use these pictures to convey why fitness is so important to you. If you are a yogi, use your favorite poses. If you are a dancer, don’t be afraid to break out in a dance session. Your clients will be attracted to the strength and joy you radiate while doing what you love the most.
  • Bring your workout buddy. Though your photographers know how to take great pictures, they will probably not know what it takes to execute a perfect lunge or shoulder press. A fellow fitness professional will make sure you are looking good and keeping your technique clean.

Once you have your images from your photographer, use them in social media posts and add them to your business cards. Print them out in and frame them black oval picture frames. Have your fitness center hang them on their wall and display them on their front desk. 

8th Sep 2017

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