2016 Interior Design Trends

This year highlights new design trends that are popular in today’s hot real estate market. Designers are embracing the latest concepts, which revolve around texture.

This year celebrates comfortable and cozy textures. Designers encourage people to reach out and feel the latest luxurious fabrics, faux furs and natural fiber rugs. Inviting, soft and captivating materials are the ultimate luxury in today’s newly minted interior design market.

Interior designers encourage homeowners and renters not to be afraid of color. Blending a variety of colors of patterns can easily achieve a brilliant singsong design that captures the eyes and inspires the imagination. For example, consider pairing a neutral-tone beige zebra-pattern rug with a hot pink chandelier and a decadent pink floral chair. Tone down the background with a stunning, oversize floral circular picture frame poster for a romantic go-to vibe.

Dark paint is back! Oozing sophistication, glamour and a chic modern-day style, pairing dark paint with black oval picture frames emanates a mysterious je ne sais quoi style.

For further depth and contrast, paint walls a dark navy tone and add inlaid silver border details with large oval frames. This refined touch looks superb next to brushed nickel hardware or other silver home accents. Additionally, blue is a bestseller this year, popping in a variety of shades, ranging from denim to indigo. Replacing the standard long-forlorn turquoise, these dark shades are fresh, new and dramatic. For a charismatic, fun-filled touch, try a fun-filled color combination, such as placing a dark blue sofa next to plant-green walls and placing a unique round picture frame above the sofa, as the centerpiece. Switching up traditional décor with modern design has never been more fun!

Pink is all the rage this season, including a delightful tissue pink that mimics tasteful pink beige. This pearlized pink tone looks superb against dark walls and even painted furniture. This classic color looks like it jumped right out of a tasteful, adult fairytale that is far from the bubblegum pink of an adolescents’ dream.

Whimsical and sassy is also a brewing element in home styles this year. Dr. Seuss elements are in with eclectic fervor, which may include chandeliers or sculptures. When selecting a chandelier, pair with an abstract piece of art. To highlight the art, without taking away from the beauty of the chandelier, consider framing the art in a simple black oval frame.

If an area appears outdated and old, consider changing the frames for a fresh, new and updated look. Another tip for a modern appearance is dressing up rooms with new throw pillows in a variety of trendy fabrics, which helps refresh spaces.

22nd Feb 2016

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