Preserving Fall Leaves

3rd Oct 2019

Happy fall! We are in love with the golds, red and yellows of the season. Sometimes it feels that the changing of leaves can color a landscape more dramatically than wildflowers. Want to save some … read more

Decorating With Pastels for Spring

14th Apr 2018

While bold, bright colors and geometric prints are going to be very hot for spring this year, there’s always going to be a place in our hearts for those gorgeous pastel pinks, yellows, blues and gre … read more

Wall Art that Pulls Double Duty

15th Oct 2017

Most people think of art as being a two-dimensional product. It’s usually a photo or a painting that will look amazing as a conversation piece but does not do much else but sit and look pretty.What … read more

Vacation Photography- A Leading Trend

13th Sep 2017

Gone are the days of sitting in your grandparents’ darkened living room, watching them click through slides of their trip to Florida. And it’s becoming increasingly rare to sit down at a friend’s ki … read more