2Six Great Ideas for Repurposing Window Frames

Windows in older homes often need to be replaced. Maybe they are drafty, broken or just too dirty to deal with, or maybe you’re just updating your outside curb appeal with some more modern versions.

If you have old window frames that you are looking to discard, it may be wise to keep them around. These charming older additions to homes can be upcycled into some of the most interesting pieces in your home, without much materials or cost. For some great ideas on how to use your frames, see below.

Create a landscape illusion. One of the best things about paintings of beautiful landscapes is that they can transport their viewer to a different terrain in seconds. If you want to add this dreamer’s paradise, using an old rustic window to frame your favorite painting will give your wall the illusion of having a window to this magical land, where it can snow in the summer, or show beautiful autumn colors in the spring.

Etch the windows with your favorite quotes. DIY etching is a very simple process, and using the panels of an older large window is the perfect way to showcase your life mantras. Quotes painted on canvases are cute but cliche, and this is a unique way to show everyone your favorite philosophies. Complete the set with etching on your favorite domed glass pieces arranged around the frame.

Grow your seasonal flowers year-round in a small homemade greenhouse. If you have several window frames that you have replaced or acquired, piecing them together to make a small house is a perfect way to create a warm environment for those perfect petunias. The sun filtering through the glass will warm up your garden on even the chilliest of days.

Divide without truly dividing. If you want to make the appearance of a separate section in your house, like for a home office or playroom, using a large section of pieced-together old frames makes for a perfect room divider, while still keeping the natural lighting of the room. Sit back with some warm coffee or tea while enjoying some privacy, and a view.

Frame your family photos. Keeping groups of photos together makes for a cohesive look, and can tell a story without saying a word. Take those individual frames and use them for a better purpose, and then reframe your photo series within the window. If you want it to be more of a centerpiece, surround it with different individual frames on a large wall, and vary between oval wood picture frames, or rectangular frames.

Make a useful chalkboard. Using a hard backing painted with chalkboard paint (or an old upcycled chalkboard you already have), glue the window frame with or without the panels on top. Hang in your kitchen for a weekly dinner menu, or in a playroom for a creative writing tool for the kids. Hang some small black oval frames with smaller chalkboards to make it a set.

15th Nov 2017

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