Decorating Your Foyer for Home Staging

One of the best tips that home stage professionals will give you is that focusing on the front of your home is a great way to make a good impression on potential buyers. Once they open the door, the first thing they will notice is how your home makes them feel, so you want to make it feel large, light and inviting.

If you are working with a small space, there are ways to decorate your foyer to make it appear like the entrance to a dream home. See below for some great tips on how to make your homefront a coveted item in any market.

Create a gallery wall of gorgeous images. Using your favorite oval picture frames or round picture frames, use the largest wall in your space to showcase some of your most beautiful art. Avoid any personal photographs as they can distract the buyer from picturing themselves in the space. Add in a rustic welcome sign or a center indoor wreath to add a pop of color and break up the photos.

Bring in a mirror. Mirrors are known to make rooms appear larger by reflecting light. If the foyer adjoins to another room, this can be particularly helpful in tying those two together. Choose something large like an antique glass frame mirror that can stand against the wall, and place a small foyer table in front of it to hold a gorgeous set of fresh flowers.

Use a cohesive paint color to make the room appear larger. This trick works well if the foyer opens up into another space like a dining room or stairway hall. By painting the walls all of the same color, it makes the rooms appear to be one large space, even if they are separated by walls molding.

Bring in natural light where you can. Natural light is the most flattering for any room, so if you can open up the windows to flood the room, then do so. If you can’t find a way to get natural light in the room, then change out the lightbulbs in the room to the brightest available. Avoid LED lights for this cause, as they can seem unnatural. Go for a bright light that resembles natural sunlight to keep the room as flattering as possible.

Get organized. Remove any bulky furniture that is unnecessary as it can make the room look small and cluttered. If your foyer doubles as a mudroom more often than not, make it a true mudroom with organization. Add wall hooks for coats, and low shelving or cubbies for shoes. Keeping the space clutter free will not only help buyers see the potential of the home but add value as you can advertise the foyer as an official mudroom. If you don’t have room for all of this, choose one wall to make the space. Hang the hooks higher, or even hang a second set in rows. Then make your cubbies in a bench that can double as seating while getting dressed or undressed for the weather.

23rd May 2018

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