How to Make a Serving Tray for the Big Game with an Old Frame

Football season is coming to a close, but the best is yet to come in the next few months. Football parties are a long-standing tradition for a lot of families, and if you are planning on throwing an epic one this year, you’ll want to pull out all of the stops to impress your guests.Other than providing signature drinks and delicious game snacks, the presentation can be the difference between a get-together and party they’ll be talking about long after. If you are looking for a simple way to …
26th Dec 2018

How to Upcycle Those Old Frames for the Holidays

When decorating for the holidays, it’s easy for those bills to pile up as you try to make your home look festive for the season. However, with a few craft supplies and some old picture frames, you can make a few of your own holiday decorations without having to dish out the big bucks.If you are looking for some ways to upcycle those old frames you have gathering dust somewhere, see below for some great DIY picture frame crafts for the holidays.Greet your guests with Rudolph. His friends ma …
13th Dec 2018

Easy DIY Thanksgiving Door Decor

There are only so many cornucopias you can throw around the tables in your home when decorating for Thanksgiving. With limited options, you want to make sure you have a few pieces here and there that celebrate the harvest while still being unique.If you are looking for some great DIY door decoration ideas for this Thanksgiving, see below for a few easy ideas that you can do right from home. Go nuts over an acorn wreath. Acorns may feel like a pain when they fall on your head, but those ti …
10th Nov 2018

Decorating Your Foyer for Home Staging

One of the best tips that home stage professionals will give you is that focusing on the front of your home is a great way to make a good impression on potential buyers. Once they open the door, the first thing they will notice is how your home makes them feel, so you want to make it feel large, light and inviting.If you are working with a small space, there are ways to decorate your foyer to make it appear like the entrance to a dream home. See below for some great tips on how to make you …
23rd May 2018

Summer Photography Session: A Neighborhood Lemonade Stand

It’s hot outside, and the kids are out of school. Beat the heat and summer boredom with a super exciting project which will involve the whole family and provide great inspiration for a photography session. Start your own lemonade stand! Listed below are a few steps to get your photo session off to a fabulous start. Plan ahead! Decide on a place, time and a set up. Go shopping for fresh squeezed lemons, sugar, cups, posters, markers and ice. It’s always great to include cookies along with …
21st Aug 2017
Rectangles and Squares and Circles! Oh My!

Rectangles and Squares and Circles! Oh My!

"Inline... What?""Ovals""Inline Ovals?""Yes""But... I'm looking for a rectangle picture frame..."As we've looked around lately at popular framers social networks we've found that there is a general confusion about what shapes we offer. While we initially began with oval picture frames and, today, still specialize in them of all sizes and colours; we have expanded our products to include picture frames of all shapes. From rectangles, to squares, to circles, to hexagons, we carry a wide variety of …
15th Jul 2015