Great Teacher Gifts For Valentine’s Day This Year

Out of all the workers that make your life easier on a daily basis, teachers are often overlooked for the great help and educators they are. Valentine's day is a great holiday to show your children's teachers just how much you appreciate everything that they do.

Pre-packaged Valentine's are often too romantic to give to someone such as a teacher, so it's important to get something both useful and appropriate that they will love. For some great ideas on what to give the teachers in your life this year, see below.

A framed photo of your child and the teacher. Teachers have many students throughout their careers, but each one is special to them in some way. If you want to make sure your child is as memorable to them as they are to you, give them a special framed photo of the two of them at school. You can go with a simple, elegant gold oval frame, or decorate a simple circle frame with valentine's themed hearts, tissue paper or glitter.

A school supplies bouquet. While some supplies are provided throughout the year, teachers often go the extra mile with buying supplies out of their own funds to do special projects with the kids. If you want to make a great impression for the rest of the year, arrange some much-needed supplies such as markers, highlighters, scissors or notepads in a vase or a flower pot. The more colorful, the better, but remember to choose function over appearance. Be sure to include a packet of flower seeds that can grow in the pot for after the supplies are divided up and given to the students or put away for the year.

A cute coffee mug and gift card. Teachers, like parents, sometimes need that extra oomph in the morning to be at their best for their day. A gift card to their favorite grocery store will give them a choice between coffee, tea or whatever they prefer in the morning. Try to choose the mug based on something you may already know about them, like their favorite sports team or pet breed.

A movie night on you. Teachers need to relax after a long day just as much (or more!) than anyone who works for a living. If you want to show them that you value what they do for you during the day, give them a relaxing night. Include something like candy, popcorn and a gift card to the local theater, or a gift card that can be used directly at home to order the latest flicks.

A great smelling candle. Some teachers love the smell of a freshly opened pack of lined paper, but when they get home, the last thing they want to smell is the school day. Give their nose a break from the day with a delicious smelling candle that will help them unwind. It can be a stress-relieving scent like eucalyptus or something yummier like vanilla scented cookies.

10th Feb 2018

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