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Five Stairwell Decorations for the New Year


Design trends for 2019 are being covered everywhere, but what if you just want to focus on one spectacular area of your home? The stairwell has long been a focal point in many homes, and it’s a great opportunity to make a decorative statement without having to redo a major area of your home.

If you are looking for some great and unique stairwell decor tips for the new year, see below for the top five ideas making a splash in 2019.

Turn your children’s drawings into one-of-a-kind art. Every parent believes their children are the brightest and the best, and if you’re just as proud of your little ones, try displaying their best work from school or home in a gorgeous gallery wall on your staircase wall. Take your favorite set of beautiful gold oval frames or black oval frames, and fill them with the bright and colorful artwork they’ve brought to share with you. If your little artist is not keen on displaying their own work, try some book covers or paintings relating to children’s literature from their favorite titles.

Use jewel tones to make it modern. Jewel tones are leaving the kitchen this year and heading into every area of the home. Hang brightly colored abstract paintings and place large dramatic vases on a minimalist tabletop, or keep the accessories simple but add dramatic paint color to the stairwell as an accent or even wallpaper (Yes! Wallpaper is back on trend!)

Mix metals for a unique look. Paint your stairs in brasses, golds and silvers, and add metallic accents like gold vintage oval frames or candlesticks on the walls. Keep the contents of the frame in theme with your factory facade by placing engineering drawings of machines or copper colored sketches within the frames.

Give a vacation home the patriotic treatment. Deep navy paint on the walls contrasts beautifully with framed American memorabilia such as the nation’s flag, antique war pieces in shadowboxes or portraits of family soldiers. Hang a bright elegant chandelier from the ceiling right above, and be sure to know your history when visitors surely ask about your unique pieces on the wall. For an even more personalized touch of drama, use the molding to display your favorite quotes in gold or silver in beautiful script.

Keep it monochromatic in blacks and whites. With a house full of colors in everything from the drapery to the furniture, and black and white stairwell will stand out for its lack of color, and its dramatic effect. It will look like you’ve temporarily stepped back in time with black and white photos in black oval frames. Keep it cozy with accents such as black and white pillows and keep the light naturally pouring in to brighten up your space.

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