Helpful Tips for Picture Framers

InLine Ovals offers helpful tips for picture frames that want to sell more oval frames and round frames. Most stores do not realize the potential for selling these types of frames. To help generate more interest, InLine Ovals suggests the following:

  • Place oval antique picture frames on display. Additionally, add convex glass to displays so customers can see the difference how these types of frames look. These types are exceptionally popular for framing old family pictures.
  • Always place an oval or round framed mirror in a visible location. Contrary to popular belief, round or oval mirrors are very attractive and easy on the eyes and are just as, if not more, popular than traditional rectangle or square mirrors.
  • Sample arc sets that feature different sizes, finishes and styles should be placed in a highly visible area. This allows customers to easily see what types of options are available.

Studies show that picture framers that offer displays of sample arc sets sell more than five times the number of oval and round frames versus picture frames in the same areas that do not advertise or display that they carry the same frames.

Customers always return to stores that are friendly and fun. Customers are also visual, which is why it is important to offer a selection of frames onsite.

It is important to be proactive in how the frame shop looks. Change the frame gallery every now and then, staying up-to-date in the latest styles and finishes. Never leave frame shops with clutter or in disarray, as this can easily overwhelm customers and give them negative impressions.

Frame stores should be dedicated to excellence and the highest quality of craftsmanship, which is why teaming up with InLine Ovals is an excellent decision. InLine Ovals has more than 30 years of experience handcrafting oval wood picture frames, domed glass frames, shadowboxes and round photo frames.

Embracing technology helps frame stores color-match, which is perfect for custom designs. Fast and professional service is an essential component to having a successful frame store.

Offering pre-framed can also be advantageous, provided the right demographic for the area is reached. Knowing the demographic is essential for pre-framed art, especially considering younger buyers are more apt to purchase pre-framed art in large cities.

Custom framing demographics are higher for educated, higher income households, so area that do not fit this demographic, may find it more prosperous to have a wide selection of pre-made frames.

20th Jun 2016

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