How to Decorate with Black in the Spring

When people think of spring decor, they generally have this idea of bright colors and spring florals. While those are definitely good to incorporate as the weather gets warmer, there are some great ways to use black in your decoration, especially if you already have some dark pieces you aren’t ready to part with just yet.

To see how you can decorate with black during such a sunny season, see below for some great ideas of how to mix your darks and your lights.

Use it on your walls. To make the lines of a small room seem to disappear into space, paint the room a dark color, or add a black accent wall. To make your decor pop, use brightly colored accents such as painted dressers, mirrored tables or gold oval frames holding colorful works or art. Another great accent would be to hang homemade floating vases using painted picture frames filled with gorgeous bright blooms that will really stand out.

Use it as your accessories. If you paint a wall or room with a lighter color or a dramatic red, black accents stand out much better than white or distressed ones. Try something like a gallery wall of black oval frames, paired with unique black clock or dark shelving that holds objects that also stand out against the light colors of the paint.

Bring outdoor elements inside. Wrought iron is usually a material that is reserved for outdoor stair handrails or menacing gates, but the intricate detail and the stability of this gorgeous dark material makes it a perfect contrast for a dramatic sweeping or spiral staircase within a grand foyer. If you decide to paint it, mix the black with a dark green or create a midnight blue to add a color changing effect as the natural light hits it throughout the day.

Have small accent pieces of black throughout a room. Black is a stylish color that tends to pull an entire look together and mix with just about anything. Using black as an accent color such as on a chair back, the table or a formal china display cabinet can make it easy to mix and match your colors everywhere else, as long as the black accents all match one another to tie it all together.

Make a creative space with a black chalkboard. Chalkboard paint is one of the easiest ways to turn a boring and underused wall into a creative outlet or something that serves a bigger purpose. Use it in the playroom, the kitchen as a menu wall or grocery list or paint it with white accents to make it appear as a chalkboard wall that is sophisticated in the dining room. 

25th Apr 2018

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