How to Upcycle Those Old Frames for the Holidays

When decorating for the holidays, it’s easy for those bills to pile up as you try to make your home look festive for the season. However, with a few craft supplies and some old picture frames, you can make a few of your own holiday decorations without having to dish out the big bucks.

If you are looking for some ways to upcycle those old frames you have gathering dust somewhere, see below for some great DIY picture frame crafts for the holidays.

Greet your guests with Rudolph. His friends may not have let him play in their reindeer games, but you can include the famous red-nosed reindeer in your decor this year with a simple burlap picture frame wreath. For this simple craft, take an old oval or circle picture frame and wrap it with bunched burlap ribbon. Then add a red ball ornament in the bottom center inside of the frame, and a large red bow on the bottom center of the outside of the wreath. Then add some antlers using brown felt cutouts or even twigs found right in your backyard! This festive reindeer only looks expensive.

Make a snowman door hanger for any door in the house. Another simple project, this one only requires a few pieces. Using two different sized circle frames, wrap each one in blue or white ribbon until the original frames are no longer showing through Then use hot glue to piece them together, and add a felt top hat and some felt (or real!) stick arms to the sides. Tie a ribbon around your snowman’s smaller ring head and hang on any door, inside or out.

Make an advent wreath. One of the great joys of Christmas is enjoying the advent season right before. Advent wreaths are a long-standing tradition in many homes, and you don’t have to spend a lot of money to have a gorgeous one of your own. Using an old oval or circle frame, glue pieces of artificial evergreen covering the face of your frame. You can also use holly leaves and berries if you prefer. Lay the frame down on a flat surface, and secure 4 candlestick holders using glue, them simple add your advent candles for a gorgeous way to remember the countdown to Christmas.

Make a spray-painted pine cone wreath. Pine cones are very prevalent this time of year, and so they make for a great craft supply. If you want to add some glamour or sparkle to this wreath, use spray paint in gold or silver to color your pinecones before securing them to your oval or round frame. You can just spray the tips, or use glitter glue to add some sparkle. If you want something indoors to make the house smell delicious, head to your local craft store to pick up some cinnamon scented pinecones.

13th Dec 2018

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