Picture Perfect Ways to Decorate Oval Frames for Summer

Lazy summer days are perfect for lounging in the sun, eating fresh fruits by the pool and spending time in the great outdoors, but sometimes it’s nice to spend a few hours in the cool air of the indoors as a refresher.

Whether you’re planning on napping or binge-watching TV, you want your indoor space to be as relaxing and decoraive as your outdoor space. If you want to refresh your favorite oval picture frames, see below for some great summer ideas.

Bring out those beautiful blues. Wooden oval frames are great for painting, and if you want to be reminded of crystal clear waters every time you look at your favorite photos, painting your old oval frames in turquoises, sea greens and blues will refresh any gallery wall. Mix and match your colors, but be sure to keep them in the same color family for a cohesive look. If you are willing to go all in, you can add a sand colored background with repainting the walls. This will also open up the room and get away from the darks of winter.

Add a unique touch on the inside. If you aren’t willing to change the frame’s appearance, or you are already working with something beautiful like a gold oval frame, changing the contents may be just what you need. Replace some of your photos or art with something like maps of your favorite vacation spots, pressed flowers or seashells. Shadow box frame are also a great way to make a unique display of three dimensional objects.

Perfect your look with pearls. Pearls are one of the world’s most natural beauties, and conjure images of deep sea diving and searching for treasure. If you are looking to add a feminine touch to your oval frames such as for a baby’s room or dining room, adding pearl decorations to your frames will add a touch of elegance. Use larger ones from a craft store for a singile line around the frame, or secure several smaller pearls for a clustered necklace look.

Frost your oval framed mirrors with elegant designs. Etching cream is readily available at most hardware stores, and tutorials can be found just about anywhere online on how to etch beautiful designs into glass. If you want to update your oval framed mirrors without spending a fortune, choose your favorite look to self-etch on them. You can go with something intricate like scrollwork or fleur de lis, or keep it more modern with geometric shapes that are very hot in design trends for this season. 

11th Jun 2018

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