Summer Photography Session: A Neighborhood Lemonade Stand

It’s hot outside, and the kids are out of school. Beat the heat and summer boredom with a super exciting project which will involve the whole family and provide great inspiration for a photography session. Start your own lemonade stand! Listed below are a few steps to get your photo session off to a fabulous start.

  • Plan ahead! Decide on a place, time and a set up. Go shopping for fresh squeezed lemons, sugar, cups, posters, markers and ice. It’s always great to include cookies along with a tasty beverage so buy plenty of flour, chocolate chips and eggs as well.
  • Create! Have the kids bake the cookies, decorate signs advertising the lemonade stand, post flyers around the neighborhood and make the lemonade. A simple lemonade recipe to follow is: to squeeze 10 lemons into a bowl to make lemon juice. Heat a cup of sugar and a cup of water over the stove until dissolved. Combine the sugar water with the lemon juice. Add five cups of water to the combo, stir and serve ice cold.
  • Set Up! A small kids table with chairs for them to sit on is a great place to start. Tape a colorfully decorated poster to the front and display the prices for the lemonade and cookies in a black oval picture frame. Place the picture frame right on top of the table so people can see it. A great starting point for prices is fifty cents for a cup of lemonade and fifty cents for two cookies. Keep a cooler nearby with extra lemonade and a box on hand to keep the money. Set up a trash can nearby for easy garbage disposal. Place lots of lemons along the top the table and tie bright yellow balloons to add color to the photography session.
  • Have fun! Waiting for customers can be hard, so set up a bubble machine, play a little music and use this time to get great photos. Have the kids smile behind their lemonade stand, get pictures of them pouring the lemonade into their cups and have them pose with the adorable signs they have made. Once customers arrive, get pictures of their faces as they serve their customers lemonade and cookies. Be sure to include shots of them counting out change, giving it back and shaking their customer’s hands. This type of styled lifestyle photography will produce images your customers will cherish and create happy memories these kids will never forget. 
21st Aug 2017

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