Decorating With Pastels for Spring

While bold, bright colors and geometric prints are going to be very hot for spring this year, there’s always going to be a place in our hearts for those gorgeous pastel pinks, yellows, blues and green.

Decorating with pastels can be a tricky business, especially when you are trying to maintain a modern space with a touch of sophistication. See below for some great ideas of how to use pastels in your spring decor.

Perfectly painted picture frames. Oval frames look particularly delicate when painted, so start with those. They are also perfect for framing those precious subjects like babies, pets or gorgeous landscapes that look like windows to another place. Mix and match them with gold oval frames or antique glass picture frames to add a touch of elegance to a gallery wall and break up the pastel colors.

Painted flower pots. To add some color to your kitchen windowsill, paint some of your favorite small clay flower pots in beautiful pinks or yellows for a cheerful look. Alternate the colors, or keep it clean with all one color. Add some of your favorite bright spring flowers like hydrangeas, daisies, sunflowers or dahlias.

Dipped chairs. If you have some outdated wooden chairs that you want to upgrade for the spring, try dipping them in pastel paint for a fresh color block look. Choose to dip the tops of the chairs only, just the legs or both. You can also use one color for each side, or mix and match your pastels. The combination choices are endless, so no two looks will be the same.

Match your throw pillows to your frames. If you have hung some pastel frames through a light colored living room, try matching them with some gorgeous throw pillows in a millennial pink or a sea green that reminds you of the beach. Throw pillows are great as accent pieces to add just a touch of color instead of having something as bold as a pastel furniture piece.

Tie the room together with a pastel rug. Pastel-hued rugs look amazing. Put it in a home office for a bright accent to cheer you up while you work, or place it in a child’s room or playroom for a colorful space they will love to play. Just be sure to get a good stain remover as pastels tend to show stains and dirt more easily than their darker counterparts.

Let the light in with pastel curtains. Pastel curtains add a stunning touch of color to a dull room and allow more natural light to come in while offering some privacy. If you want to get the light look without the natural light coming in, such as for a baby or child’s room, you can buy light blocking panels that go right behind them, so you don’t have sacrifice your color for your darkened effect during those precious nap times.

14th Apr 2018

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