Using Display Cases for Interior Decorating

At InLine Ovals, we do not only provide you with a wide-selection of quality picture frames. We also have a number of display cases and specialized frames that you can use to create unique and visually appealing displays. These custom display cases add a personal touch that your client may want – especially if there are personal hobbies and passions that he wants to showcase in his home.

Here are InLine Ovals’ specialized display cases:

  • -Shadow box frame. Aside from the common rectangular shadow box frame, we offer you the freedom to choose the kind of shadow box frame you need. You can choose one from our online catalog, which mainly offers square, rectangular and circular shadow box frames. Our collection features modern shadow box frames with simple lines, as well as vintage frames, with elaborate beading or molding at the inside or outside frame edges. However, if you require something that is customized for your client, we can design and make it for you. If your client has a guitar collection he wants displayed using shadow boxes, we can create frames in that shape. Our company has already created custom-shaped shadowboxes for rifles, costumes, gold clubs and much more. The items in our collection are usually 5-inch deep shadow boxes, but we can also custom-make for mid-size depths and deeper shadow boxes.
  • -Flag case. This is designed to hold the US flag as it is folded in military style. The case complements the triangle-folded flag that aims to honor a member of the military for his service to the country. We offer two options – the traditional flag case with a removable back and the honors flag case, which features the Great Seal of the United States boldly embossed on its beveled glazing. This beautiful casing can be part of a treasured family heirloom that your client may want to display on a mantel or another place of honor.
  • -Fan case. We also have on-hand customized cases designed to accommodate antique, decorative or commemorative fans.The case provides enough depth and shape, while the designs and finishing provide the perfect foil to show off an unfolded fan in all its beauty.
  • -Jersey case. For sports fanatics, InLine Ovals also has specialized cases that hold sports jerseys. These are for sports such as basketball, baseball, football and hockey. The cases come ready-to-use, with no need for assembly. The work mostly involves mounting the jersey on the board in such a way that it is secured. This can be done by using specialized hangers or by sewing the jersey onto the board using clear thread. Our jersey cases come in youth and adult jersey sizes.
  • -Glass domes and base. For small but precious treasures, use a glass dome with a base. This features domed glass that can go as deep as 12 inches where the circular base can go up to 8 inches in diameter. You have the option to add wires or platforms to improve your display.
  • -Collector plate frame. This is yet another one of our specially designed frames for your client’s unique needs. The collector plate frame features a rounded center (that is designed to hold and highlight a plate) and an octagonal-shaped outside edge. This is set with a velvet fabric background that serves to bring out the beauty in a decorative plate. Our frames come with single plate or two-plate options.
28th Jun 2016

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