Vacation Photography- A Leading Trend

Gone are the days of sitting in your grandparents’ darkened living room, watching them click through slides of their trip to Florida. And it’s becoming increasingly rare to sit down at a friend’s kitchen table to look through a photo album of their latest summer vacation. What consumers want now is to have their photos online immediately, showing the world of social media what they’re up to that very moment. It’s becoming a startling truth that many people believe, “If pictures of it are not online, then it never happened.” This mantra is exactly why so many people are choosing to hire professional photographers on their vacations.

Here are some very important reasons to consider hiring a professional photographer on your next vacation.

  • No more selfie sticks. Seriously, throw those awful things in the trash. They’re just embarrassing.
  • No more pestering strangers to take a picture of you. You won’t have to worry about them stealing your phone or camera, and you won’t have to wipe away all the nervous sweat from gathering up all your courage to ask a favor from a stranger. It’s so awkward, isn’t it? You’re getting nervous just thinking about it, and I am, too.
  • No more double chins. Turn off the selfie mode. For people with short arms, the entire frame is filled with your face, and for people with long arms, your social media followers will realize this and marvel over your length of your limbs. Everyone looks a little better if someone else is holding the camera. Trust us.
  • No more hauling heavy cameras around. You won’t have to be that Dad carrying around the giant camera case. It’s one step away from the fanny pack. You’ll feel so much lighter and freer without that heavy equipment hanging from your neck.
  • No more forced expressions. A professional photographer will be skilled in capturing genuine smiles and laughter. You’ll be able to relax knowing you’ll get good pictures without having to find the perfect angle to show off your outfit or worrying about if your kid is sticking out their tongue instead of smiling.
  • No more waiting. Many photographers offer instant online proofs to share with your friends and family. They’ll also offer online packages where you can order prints of your vacation to frame in classic black oval picture frames.
  • No more forgetting. Professional pictures of your vacation will seal happy memories in your heart. Once you have your prints, do not forget to display them in antique oval frames because you may never get the chance to entertain your friends with your vacation slideshow but you will have the opportunity to look upon those beautiful moments on your own for pleasure.

Vacation photography may be a newer trend among photographers, but it’s not one that will be going away anytime soon. 

13th Sep 2017

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