Wedding Decorations Using Picture Frames

Preparing for a wedding? Add picture frames to your arsenal of wedding décor props. Picture frames make for a practical investment, as they are versatile, can complement different themes and can be used for a lot of your wedding gigs. Get a number of rectangular shadow box frames and circular frames. You should also have large oval frames in contemporary and vintage designs. These frames can be used empty or with glass and colored backing.

Here are the different ways you can use picture frames to decorate weddings:

  • Flower arrangement holder. Using an empty but ornate picture frame, you can attach petals or flowers inside. You can then stand the frame up for a vertical flower display. You can place these decorated frames on the receiving tables at the reception hall.
  • Light up the background. You can wound Christmas lights around several empty frames. Hang these at the area where the couple will be standing during the wedding ceremony. The soft yet tiny lights that reflect on gold or silver finished frames can add to the romance of the occasion.
  • Aisle décor. Use small picture frames that you can hang on the aisles at the wedding venue. These frames can hold the couple’s pictures or quotes the couple loves. You can also put one word per frame so that the series of frames that lead up to the altar tell a story or make a statement such as “At… long… last!... Two… become… one…
  • Love story gallery display. Give the guests a glimpse of the couple’s love story by putting framed pictures at the reception hall or at the entrance of the wedding venue. These can contain the couple’s baby pictures, shots of their first date, holidays together or pictures of the proposal. You can also feature the couple’s pre-nup shots. For outdoor weddings, you can hang these pictures on the trees using ribbons that match the wedding motif. You can also take an extra-large empty picture frame, add some twine and attach small snapshots using wooden clothespins.
  • Seating or favor holder. Instead of trays, why don’t you place the favors inside oversized empty picture frames? The carvings of the frame molding can add texture and visual interest to the table display of favors or seating cards. A white frame on a white tablecloth works very well for this concept.
  • Receiving or sweetheart table décor. The frames can be used to hold key information such as the couple’s names and wedding date, a romantic quotation or poem, the menu, as well as announcements the couple would like their guests to know. You can also cover the backboard of the frame with blackboard paint then use colored chalk to write the information stated above.
  • Reception table décor. Large frames can be lain flat on the table and can hold flower arrangements. Using the same concept, you can also layer more than one empty frame in the centerpiece so that you have more depth and texture. You can also frame mirrors so that you have a reflective surface where you can place candles and crystals. You can also place small frames to form a box. The couple’s pictures, the menu and other information on the four exposed surfaces of the makeshift frame box. The insides of the box can hold flower vases as a centerpiece. Another variation is to add some tea lights or LED lights inside the box instead of flowers. This adds some soft light to the table.
  • Props for the photo shoot. Let the newlyweds enjoy their day and capture these by having a fun photo shoot. Picture frames make for great props, adding a playful, colorful or classic touch to the wedding photos. For instance, the newlyweds can pose behind an oversized frame while the frame is held up by members of the entourage. For a more 3-dimensional look, the photographer can have the couple peering out of the empty frame.
3rd Oct 2016

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