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How to Get Fabulous Beach Pictures


The best place to capture family photos is in a location which makes people feel relaxed and happy. This is why taking family photos while on vacation at the beach has become such a huge trend in today’s photography. A beautiful setting and joyous subjects are sure to inspire and create photographs which will be treasured forever and always. Here are some quick tips to ensure your beach pictures will be a success.

Time - The best beach photos are taken about two hours before the sun sets or just as it rises. The light will be flattering and pick up all the pretty colors of the sand, sun and water. It’s good to avoid the noon sun which creates heavy, unflattering shadows. The beach also tends to be less crowded during these times, so the chance of having background people ruin the shots is less likely. Another good idea is to make your beach pictures at the beginning of the vacation before sunburns happen.

Outfits Choose flattering, flowy outfits that will still look nice even when the wind is hitting it. Long dresses and maxi skirts are beautiful on women, and casual button down shirts with light colored shorts or pants look really nice on men. The classic look for beach photography is to have the entire family wear white clothing, but this look can be dated and tends to blend in with the sand. Clothing should complement the beach setting. Try to use shades of blues to match the color of the water and to contrast with the sandy background. Some fresh color combos to try are navy/coral, royal blue/white and aqua/black. Try to avoid busy patterns, and if using a pattern try only to use it on one person and draw colors from it to use in the other’s outfits. Solid colors work best and do not wear clothing with words or pictures on them.

Poses - Have a few formal shots at the beginning of the session. Get an entire family shot, then individual families, then siblings and couples. Then have a few informal shots where you are talking and laughing and walking. It’s always fun to have some in the water, too. These candid shots may wind up being your very favorite ones.

Print - Once the session is over, obtain high-quality prints of your photographs and get them framed in vintage oval frames or round wooden frames. Display them in a place where you will enjoy them every day. 

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