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Alternative Uses for Framed Mirrors


No, Snow White, it does not always have to be “Mirror, Mirror, on the wall!”

Mirrors do a lot of magic to a space when they are hung on the wall. They instantly brighten up the space as they multiply the available light in the room. When placed strategically, they reflect gorgeous views. However, framed mirrors need not be limited to the wall. They can also be used for other purposes to decorate the home.

Here are some ideas:

  • Cheval floor mirror. This is a wood-framed mirror that has a dual-pinned suspension at its middle. This is attached to a base so that the mirror can be easily tilted and still be securely “standing” on the floor. Cheval floor mirrors are usually found in bedrooms and walk-in closets. However, you can also incorporate this in the foyer area. This position allows residents one last glance at their appearance before heading to the door, as well as to give visitors a welcome view of themselves before they get ushered into the living room area. You can spruce up a cheval floor mirror by adding pinning curtains at the top of the mirror.
  • Full-length coffee or side table. Find framed mirrors that are approximately the size of your living room tables. Lay this mirror down on the center of the table. Incorporate additional touches such as a coffee table book or a vase of flowers. This can be the focal point in the living room as it provides glimpses of the room from a not-so-common angle and also provides a modern look to the room.
  • Mirrored lighting. To set the romantic yet relaxed atmosphere in the bedroom, you can take a pair of framed round mirrors and lay them down on the bedside tables. Then, set lampshades or pillar candles on these mirrors. Once these light sources are lit, the mirrors under reflect the light upward. Place some crystals and beads on the mirrors to amplify the effect.
  • Serving trays. Serve up some whimsical fun to your guests by using a framed mirror as your tray. This can be quite gorgeous, especially if you are serving colorful food and drinks or are using colorful tableware. Mirror serving trays can also showcase special kitchen recipes such as appetizers or deserves placed in colorful ramekins. You can even attach handles on the sides, to make for easier serving. Be reminded, though, that you need to secure the backing and the frame is appropriately reinforced so that the mirror does not fall off while you are carrying your “mirror tray.”
  • Dining room centerpiece. If you have company, you can dress the dining table up by using a framed mirror as a base for your other centerpiece décor. You can place flower petals, colorful beans or a flower-filled vase on top of the mirror. You can even save up on fresh-cut flowers are the mirror base gives the illusion that you are using more flowers than you actually are.
  • Mantle décor. Along with framed pictures, you can have small decorative mirrors in the mantle display. You can layer these items along the mantle and add other decorative elements such as beautifully designed perfume bottles, candles and candleholders or figurines. 

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