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Don’t Waste Your Memories- Print Them Out!


The way we enjoy photographs has rapidly changed in recent decades. It’s been estimated more pictures have been taken in the last five years than in the past hundred years combined, but there is a startling difference to note with the huge influx of photography. Only one picture is printed for an estimated 1,000,000 pictures that are taken.

Picture taking used to be a process. Buy the film, take the pictures, pay to have the film processed and view the pictures days or even weeks later. Now, these photographs are made instantly, constantly and rapidly throughout our day with cell phone cameras. We snap them, upload them and share them with family, friends and followers. Yet, we never really enjoy these memories fully because we typically fail to print them out. Here are reasons why printing your photos is important.

  • Digital files age. It is only a matter of years before the file type you use to store your pictures will become outdated and rot like the VHS tapes your parents failed to digitally update. Soon USB ports, DVDs, and other commonly used storage devices will become obsolete.
  • Digital files get lost. Whether it’s a crashed computer, a lost memory card or a stolen cell phone, digital files can easily be taken away from us. Printing out pictures ensures these priceless memories will perserve
  • Digital files lose their luster. Once the moments fade from our memories, we forget why our pictures are so special. It can become very easy to lose motivation to print them and to get overwhelmed by the task. This is why it’s best to print them quickly in small batches. Add a reminder on your phone at the end of the month to print out your pictures. Create a special place for these prints in your family budget.
  • Printed photographs create a meaningful legacy for future generations. Children will not remember their first Christmases or relatives who passed away when they were young. Printed photographs are not only for the photographers but also for the subjects.
  • Printed photographs can be displayed. There is no better way to decorate than with the meaningful moments and people of your life. Frame your photographs in oval picture frames and display them on a gallery wall. Use picture frames with bubble glass for a unique display on your office desk. Vintage oval picture frames capture the sentimentality behind each shot.

Make your photographs mean more than a single moment. Make your photographs about the memories. Print them out today. 

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