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Wall Art that Pulls Double Duty


Most people think of art as being a two-dimensional product. It’s usually a photo or a painting that will look amazing as a conversation piece but does not do much else but sit and look pretty.

What if the wall art you choose or create could double as something not only beautiful but functional in your home? Try the suggestions below, and you’ll be the envy of all of your friends who will wonder about your organizational skills and resourcefulness.

Make a floating planter. If you are craving some fresh greenery in your home, but just can’t find the counter space for those plants, try using an empty wall! A floating planter is elegant, functional and a very easy at home project anyone to do. Simply pick up a trio of picture frames from your local framing store, and attach a glass vase to the glass of the empty frame. Make sure to secure it well to prevent any accidents. After the glue has dried, hang your frames in an empty space in your home like you would any other frame, but place some fresh flowers or leafy greens in the vase for a stunning piece of art.

A cozy cat retreat with geometric shapes. If you like a more modern look, a three dimensional set of painted boxes can also double as tree tower for your favorite cuddly pet. Instead of spending too much money or a carpeted pet tower, try painting a few wooden boxes with a complimenting color to your walls, line them with a soft fabric, and attach them to the wall in an interesting pattern.

A tea cup display for all of those pretty mugs. Fine china is meant to be displayed, but a bulky cabinet can take up too much space in an already cramped kitchen. If you want to make a rectangular piece that dazzles, hang five or six key ring holders in a line down the empty kitchen wall, and hang your teacups from them for a space saving and lovely display. Paint them however you want first, either in all the same color for a clean look, or complimenting pastels for a feminine touch.

Make a clock that tells a story, and not just time. If you have a large open wall in your living room space, and don’t know how to fill it, a giant wall clock will serve a purpose and be beautiful. If you really want to make a statement, a clock made from framed photographs will certainly get your guests talking. Pick up twelve oval frames (oval will keep the circular look clean), and add your favorite photos. Fashion some large clock hands in the center or your circle of photos, and you have a working time piece and an amazing story of memories in one. 

A Brief History of Convex Glass

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